Finding Greenspiration in Brighton

Brighton Earthship

What a fabulous turn of events it is for us to find ourselves in sunny Brighton. Having travelled here after realizing that Lofty needs some TLC from someone who knows what they’re doing, a little research into the area revealed to us a veritable eco treat – Brighton has its very own Earthship! I mean, I knew Brighton had eco credentials and all, but this is just another level of awesome. >>Click to Tweet<<

Main entrance to the Brighton Earthship

I have a dream…

For those who don’t know, Earthships are an architectural concept, turned reality, developed over many years by the great Michael Reynolds. They provide a way to build a completely self-sufficient, off-grid home, using almost entirely salvaged materials before they hit land-fill or the recycling plant.

Exterior wall at the Brighton Earthship, featuring reclaimed bottles to add mass and marvel.

Walls contain reclaimed materials, adding bulk AND beauty, mass AND marvel!

Reynolds developed highly innovative systems for water management, temperature regulation and energy efficiency, which allow Earthship dwellers to live almost entirely free from bills, bar the obligatory phone bill and council tax.

Brighton Earthship roof, with solar panels and rain water collection.

Collecting both the sun’s rays and rain water

If you would like to know more about the wonderful, pioneering work of Michael Reynolds and how his amazing Earthships really work, check out this excellent and fascinating documentary…

If you get to the end and don’t want one, then I guess we must be on different pages 😉

Brighton Earthship water filtration system. It acts as a plant bed to grow your food in!

A bed that filters your water and grows your food – awesome!

The Brighton Earthship is a little bit extra special, for us at least, because rather than having ‘residential’ status, it is actually a community and training centre. They run a whole load of uber cool courses such as ‘building with cob’, ‘introduction to photovoltaics’, and the one I have my eye on right now, ‘Self-building an Earthship’, to name but a few.

Grey water filtering system at the Brighton Earthship, allows the habitants to grow plants.

Nothing goes to waste here

Roughly once a month, they hold public tour events, allowing visitors to be guided round the site while an experienced Earthship-mate explains everything you need to know about the construction and functioning of the Brighton Earthship.  We went for a tour just this morning and our host was super knowledgable, being not just involved with this Earthship, but also having built her own Earthship home in Normandy, France – working alongside Michael Reynolds and his team.

The guide at the Brighton Earthship hosting an informative tour

A wonderful host offering a very informative tour

If this kind of thing interests you, I highly recommend finding your way to Brighton at some point because the whole experience was incredibly inspiring.

The Brighton Earthship compost toilet.

Off grid really means OFF GRID!

To find out more about the Brighton Earthship and what they have on offer, click here.

An internal bottle wall at the Brighton Earthship.

Roving reporter, Mrs Bee, became temporarily attached to her much coveted bottle wall – it took all my strength to pull her away!


2 thoughts on “Finding Greenspiration in Brighton

  1. Vicki Yen

    This amazing house and the building process was featured on an episode of the wonderful Kevin McCloud’s Grand Designs, and aired here in Australia recently. Wonderful concept and sharing. Love to visit this place!

    1. Stoobius Post author

      Hi Vicki, yes they really are amazing. It seems New Mexico is the ultimate place to see Earthships. Reynolds and his team have built an Earthship-enclave of around 15 of them in the desert, and apparently there are another 75 around the city of Taos. The desert enclave offers guided tours and even the chance to stay a few nights in a rental Earthship!


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