About us

Mrs Bee

Mrs Bee working on her laptop in a coffee shop.

Mrs Bee working her marvellous digi-nomad miracles

  • I believe chocolate should be a food group (cacao is definitely one of my five a day) and can spend hours (and hours and hours) making raw chocolate (and a matter of seconds scoffing it all).
  • I’ve given up smoking and taken up caffeine instead (my favourite bit is the froth on an almond milk latte).
  • My favourite books are ‘Generation X’, ‘The Women’s Room’, and ‘Supernatural: Meetings with the Ancient Teachers of Mankind’ (and all of Francois Cavanna’s autobiographical works)
  • My boyfriend is the coolest dude in the Universe.
  • I love to experiment in the kitchen with weird and wacky combinations (curry muffins anyone?)
  • I totally lack sense of direction – I can literally get lost in the smallest, easiest to navigate village.
  • I’m an amateur eco-jeweller (I use recycled silver for all my pieces)
  • I’m studying to be a holistic detox health coach.
  • I could (and often do) read the same book ten times over.
  • I love anything with a beat and anything with a sax – drum and bass, funky house, acid jazz, gipsy jazz, old skool disco classics….
  • I like to eat all my meals with a teaspoon.
  • I’m the girl in the photos.
  • I like borrowing Mr Bee’s clothes.
  • I know all the words to Tina Turner and Michael Jackson songs (and I’m not ashamed to try hitting those high notes!)

Mr Bee

Mr Bee climbing a tree.

Mr Bee using his time productively!

  • I have a falafel fetish (Mrs Bee argues this is an obsession, but I think it’s simply a healthy interest in a frankly fantastic food).
  • I”m the patient guy behind the camera.
  • I have to put a padlock on my clothes due to Mrs Bee constantly stealing them.
  • I love photography – I can spend yonks setting up a shot, or editing photos.
  • I’m the official navigator and map-reader, and driver, and very amateur, spray-a-bit-of-WD40-or-stick-a-bit-of-gaffer-tape-on-it-style mechanic.
  • Did I mention I love falafels?
  • I love experimenting with different types of flour to make my beloved bread (often to accompany falafels).
  • My girlfriend is the coolest chick in the Universe.
  • Official taster of all Mrs Bee’s crazy kitchen creations (mostly amazing, sometimes just… weird different)
  • I like my music independent, predominantly electronic but sometimes acoustic, depending on the mood… all kinds of good vibes – techno, jazz, some cheesy pop, some not-so-cheesy pop, funk, old soul classics, anything with a funky bass, progressive and enlightened hip-hop (of the non-discriminatory kind), and occasionally some classical music (but none of that pomp and ceremony rubbish), samba, bossa… you could say i’m a bit of a musical magpie.
  • My favourite book is ‘The Master and Margarita’.
  • I like climbing trees.


Our van, Lofty, pictured behind purple flowers.

Don’t be deceived by the innocent looks – she’s a beast!

  • A 1974 VW Westfalia Hightop with an attitude – our little home on wheels!
  • Struggles up hills.
  • Dislikes hot days and refuses to start when she’s too warm.
  • Temperamental at best, downright stubborn at worst.
  • Keeps us warm and (mostly) dry.
  • Site of many an epic dinner and cosy night.
  • Her little “kitchen” has never let us down – we’ve always been able to make a cup of tea in the morning 🙂
  • Getting progressively covered in colourful stickers – a work in progress!

The Bees

Mr and Mrs Bee, heads together, looking into the camera.


  • Two nature-loving in-love digital nomads.
  • We don’t own a TV but take great (guilty) pleasure in watching trashy reality shows like Naked Attraction or Come Dine with Me (there, our secret is out)
  • We love taking long walks along rivers, seafronts, in forests, up hills, anywhere green and natural!
  • We’re always on the look-out for that perfect falafel joint veggie/vegan cafe.
  • We want to get married in a forest.
  • We cannot be trusted around dark chocolate.
  • We’re prone to breaking into random duets in which we adapt the words to match whatever we’re doing at the time (Jamiroquai’s ‘Cosmic Girl’ is the current favourite). Keep an eye out for our upcoming album… not 🙂